Avery in the hospital over the weekend :(

December 15th, 2008

I think a lot of you already know, but Avery was put in the hospital over the weekend.  I called his GI doctor on Friday because Avery was constipated and hadn’t had a bowel movement in about a week.  I had already given him an enema and some prune juice with no luck.  The GI doctor told me to bring him in and they took an x-ray of his belly.  Just like last time, Avery had a huge ball of poop stuck in his rectum.  The doctor gave me a hospital grade enema kit with enough to do two enemas.  He said to try that first but if it didn’t work we would have to take him to the ER.  He suggested we go to Texas Children’s downtown instead of Conroe Regional or St Luke’s in The Woodlands because if the enema didn’t work Avery was going to need surgery.  We went home and tried the enema using 300 cc’s of water with no luck.  We were pretty sure a second one wasn’t going to work either but we wanted to try everything before taking him downtown.  We waited about an hour and went ahead and used the second enema still with no luck.  By this time Avery had 3 enemas, a glycerine suppository, and two bottles of prune juice over a 2 day period and was STILL constipated.  We knew at this point our only option was going to Texas Children’s for the surgery.  So we got the kids taken care of, packed a bag, and headed downtown.  We checked into the ER about 10pm Friday night and right away the doctors got busy.  Usually when we go to Conroe or St Luke’s the first thing they do is give Avery another enema even though I’ve told them I already tried that and it didn’t work.  The doctors at Texas Children’s agreed that if we had already given Avery two 300 cc enemas before bringing him and they didn’t work there was no need putting him through the pain of another one.  I told them the GI doctor told us to come down for a deimpactment and they agreed that would be the best option for us.  We had to wait until Saturday though and they didn’t have any rooms ready for us at the time.  That meant we had to stay in the ER all night.  There was of course only one bed in the room for Avery so Jeremy and I slept on the concrete floor next to the bed until about 5 or 6 am when they were finally ready to admit Avery to the hospital and put him in a room.  They came to get Avery for the deimpactment around noon on Saturday.  By 1pm they were taking him back and about an hour later he was done with the procedure and a biopsy.  When I told the ER doctors that this was the 4th time this year that Avery has been hospitalized for constipation they asked if he had ever been tested for Hirschsprung’s disease.  We’ve never even heard of it before much less had Avery tested for it.  It’s something they always test for in children or babies who have constipation problems like Avery.  We decided to have Avery tested so the surgeon who did the deimpactment also did a biopsy.  They remove a tiny piece of the intestine and look at it under a microscope to check for missing nerve cells called ganglion cells.  We all have nerve cells in our intestines that help our muscles push things through our body. Children with Hirschsprung’s disease don’t have those cells in the lower part of the intestine so the muscles at the lower end don’t work. That means Avery’s muscles are pushing the poop out all the way until it gets to the end of the large intestine. At that point everything just stops and gets backed up after a while.  If Avery tests positive for Hirschsprung’s disease the only treatment is surgery. First they do a colostomy and then a pull through operation. That means they cut away the part of the intestine that is missing the ganglion cells and then take the “good” part of the intestine and pull it through and sew it to the rectum.  It sounds like a pretty painful process that I’m hoping Avery doesn’t have to go through but at the same time I hope the surgeon can give us some kind of explanation as to why Avery has lived almost his entire life with severe constipation.  We have a follow up appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday to find out the results of the biopsy and then we have an appointment with the GI doctor in early January to find out our course of action if it’s not Hirschsprung’s disease.  Wish us luck and I’ll keep everyone updated.

Here’s  a picture of Avery taken over the weekend at Texas Children’s.  Isn’t he just the cutest :)


November 3, 2008

November 3rd, 2008

I’m still looking for an aide for Avery if anyone is interested or knows someone that might be interested.  You won’t have to do much.  I just need an extra set of hands to help at the doctor and maybe stay here with Avery occasionally so I can run errands.  I’m getting ready to start a  weekend job so this will be M-F but is very flexible unless there is a dr appointment that we have to go to.  It’s up to 30 hrs a week.  The home health company doesn’t require that you have any prior experience so don’t worry about that.  When we first signed up with them they didn’t have any available aides to help us.  I got a phone call from them today letting me know that they will be sending someone out here on Wednesday.  Good right?  I thought so too until I found out more info.  The person they are sending out here isn’t even an employee at the company yet.  She’s going tomorrow to the home health office to fill out the application and all paperwork and then the very next day they are sending her here.  I don’t feel comfortable that this person isn’t even on the payroll yet and they’ve already assigned her to us.  I would think if they do the appropriate background checks etc it would take longer than a day to get her to my house.  Anyway, I’m very skeptical about this whole situation and worry about having a complete stranger in my home.  So if ANYONE is looking for some part time work during the week or knows ANYONE who is trustworthy and is looking for some part time work PLEASE get in touch with me ASAP.

As far as Avery he’s doing excellent!  Therapy and school is doing wonders for him and we’re in the process of ordering his gait trainer to get him walking.  The tests came back on his kidney and showed no signs of reflux so we’ve stopped giving him the meds.  About a week or so ago he started wetting his diaper so bad we would have to change his diaper and his clothes.  This isn’t normal for Avery to pee that much at once so we went back to the pediatrician to have a urine culture done.  We should hear the results of that any day now.

We finally get to go to the dentist next week.  We’ve been waiting what seems like forever for this appt.  Avery’s teeth are in horrible shape so I can just imagine what they’re going to have to do to him.  The last dentist we saw talked about capping half and pulling the other half that were so bad they couldn’t be saved.  We’ll see if that’s still the same plan or if they want to take another approach.

In two weeks we go back to the neurologist to follow up on Avery’s seizures and make sure the meds are at the right dosage.  Other than those two visits and our normal therapy it should be a slow month….let’s hope so anyway.

Hope everyone has a great week!

October 7, 2008

October 7th, 2008

We’ve had a busy last few weeks.  Avery went to see an endocrinologist at the end of August.  He’s a lot smaller than most kids his age so the doctor wanted to test him for growth hormone deficiencies.  She said even though he’s small for his age he’s still growing so he probably doesn’t have a deficiency but we could test him to make sure.  The test got cancelled due to the hurricane and we haven’t made it up yet.  I know I need to but I dread the fact that it’s a 4 hr test and he can’t have anything to eat or drink starting midnight the night before.  It’s the only way we’ll know though so it has to be done.

We also saw the urologist at the end of Auguast as well.  It was time for our yearly follow up visit to check Avery’s kidney and see if he still has the reflux.  We did some tests a couple of weeks ago and we go back tomorrow to get the results.  Avery has spent the last year taking an antibiotic to keep the reflux from giving him a kidney infection.  If he still has the reflux and it hasn’t gotten any better he has to have surgery to correct the problem.

Last week we went to see a dermatologist for Avery’s skin.  It gets very dry and he has bumps all over his legs.  He’s always had them and it’s common for CFC but it really bothers him and he scratches really bad at night.  He has scars on the inside of his ankles from all the scratching he’s done.  The dermatologist gave me a few different meds to try but wasn’t sure any of them would work.

Friday we went to see a GI doctor about all of Avery’s constipation issues.  He was back in the ER on Saturday, Sept 27th.  He was constipated so bad he couldn’t even sit up straight.  There wasn’t much the ER could do for him so they just gave him an enema.  It helped some and he did poop but it was only a temporary fix.  The following day he had diarrhea all day and then went Monday to Friday without pooping at all.  The doc on Friday took an x-ray of Avery’s belly and said he was constipated again.  We would have been right back in the ER in a matter of days.  Avery current medication wasn’t really working.  If we gave it to him every day he had diarrhea but if we gave it to him every few days he was constipated.  We couldn’t find the right dosage to give him a happy medium.  The GI doctor changed that medication and said to come back in 3 months unless there was no improvement.

Physical therapy is going really well.  Avery’s standing a lot more now….and without the help of his stander.  He still has to hold on to something or have some help from someone but we’ll take what we can get.  The home page is under construction right now but if you go to www.averysjourney.org Jeremy posted a recent picture of Avery standing while he’s holding on to the couch.  His teacher at school told me today they put Avery in his stander for 30 minutes every day.  I also put him in there regularly and she said if we keep it up he’ll be standing on his own in no time.  Once he does that we get to move from a stander to a gait trainer which will teach him how to walk.  I can’t wait for that!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tonight is National Night Out so make sure you get out and visit with your neighbors!

August 18, 2008

August 18th, 2008

Happy Monday!

With Avery’s medicaid we get an aide to help me during the day but the company we are signed up with doesn’t have anyone available right now to come out.  They said we can use our own aide if we have someone in mind so now I’m on a mission to find someone.  You don’t have to have any kind of medical background either.  My mom has offered to help on weekends so I just need someone to cover the week days.  Maybe someone whos off days are during the week instead of the weekend, or only works part time and needs to pick up more hours somewhere, or just wants to make a little extra money.  I might have you come over once a week to help with Avery so I can clean and maybe run errands but would mainly need the help when we have doctors appointments to go to.  It’s hard for me to tend to Avery and deal with the other two kids at the same time.  I don’t remember the specifics right now but I think I can use up to 30 hrs a week.  I don’t remember the exact pay either but it’s less than $10 an hour.  This would be a HUGE help for me so if anyone knows anyone interested PLEASE e-mail me.  My e-mail address is brandy@averysjourney.org

August 5, 2008

August 5th, 2008

Well it’s been forever since my last post.  So much has been going on the last two months.  Avery’s been pretty good for the most part but he was just recently in the hospital.  I took the kids to Iowa at the beginning of July to visit Jeremy’s parents.  The plan was to stay for about four weeks but we had to come home after only two.  Avery was having really bad constipation problems so I found a pediatrician in Iowa that agreed to see us even though we were out of towners and only visiting temporarily.  We get to the doctor’s appointment and it turns out this pediatrician is very familiar with CFC Syndrome.  He doesn’t have any of his own patients with it but said he did his residency at the University of Iowa and had seen a few kids up there that had it.  I was really excited to know that he had some knowledge of Avery’s condition since that’s hard to come by.  He said a lot of special needs kids struggle with constipation and told me to start Avery on miralax.  I gave him the miralax for two days and it seemed to be working a little more than I wanted so I quit giving it to him for a few days.  Three or four days after I started the miralax Avery got really sick.  He was constipated again and didn’t look like himself.  I assumed he needed some of the miralax again to help him go so I gave him another dose of it.  Within a few hours he went from constipation to massive pooping.  He would poop once and fill a diaper.  By the next day  he was still pooping way to much and had started throwing up.  The first thing Avery does when he gets sick is quit drinking his bottles so I knew he was going to get dehydrated if I didn’t act fast.  I also noticed he was loosing his color and looked yellow.  I called our pediatrician here to let him know what was going on and he confirmed that I needed to get Avery to the nearest ER fast.  I absolutely hate taking Avery to the ER because he’s so complicated with his medical background and having a disorder that most doctors have never heard of.  I usually get treated like I’m over reacting and they always try to send us home.  I have to say this time was pleasantly different.  I took Avery to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines and that was some of the best medical care we’ve ever gotten anywhere.  The doctors of course weren’t familiar with CFC but if they weren’t in our room checking on Avery they were out in the hall on the computer researching it to learn about what they needed to do for Avery.  The ER docs confirmed that Avery was dehydrated but knew an IV alone wasn’t going to fix this problem.  They ended up admitting Avery to the ICU to do a ton of testing to find out what was causing all of the pooping and vomiting.  Nothing ever came back with the testing but I think they officially just ruled it as a virus.  The thing that did spark some confusion with the doctors if that when Avery first came in his blood sugar was extremely high….somewhere in the 400s.  After he got better and they checked it again it was in the 100s and they said that was where it should be.  They aren’t sure though why it spiked when he got sick.  Avery doesn’t travel well and hates being away from home for long periods of time.  I think the trip was just to much for him and he literally made himself sick.  As much as I hated to leave so soon we decided to pack up and come home a few days after we were released from the hospital.

Before we left for Iowa Avery had an EEG done to make sure his seizure meds were at the right dose and working like they should.  We don’t have another appointment with the neurologist for a few more months but I assume since they haven’t called us that means all is well.  They did send the results to our pediatrician as well and he said there were a few minor things that might cause the neurologist to slightly raise the dosage of the meds but nothing to cause concern.

Avery also had an appointment with his opthalmologist last week.  He has to have his eyes checked every six months to make sure he doesn’t need more surgery.  So far so good!  The doctor said everything looked good.  She did ask how far away Avery can see but I have no idea and since he can’t talk he obviously can’t tell us.  I guess she was worried he can’t see very far.  I think the problem is she wanted him to look at something on the wall across the room and unless it sings and lights up Avery isn’t going to pay any attention to it.  For now though she said everything is fine and to bring him back in six months again for his normal checkup.

Thursday we have to make the long trip down to Texas Childrens to see the geneticist.  It’s not time for our regular visit yet but I was told the geneticist we saw last time left not to long after our last visit.  So now we have to start all over again with a new one.  The last visit was a few hours long because we have to literally go over Avery’s COMPLETE medical history and that can never be done quickly (there’s just to much info to give) so I assume this visit will take forever too.

We got an e-mail last month letting us know the next CFC conference will be in Berkeley, CA next August.  It’s going to be a combined conference this time with the Noonan Syndrome support group.  CFC, Noonan, and Costello are like sister disorders so they decided to try and have a conference with all of the groups together.  I’m not sure why but the conference is just going to be CFC and Noonan.  I wish the Costello group would have been able to join us.  Costello Syndrome was originally what they thought Avery had but when they did the genetic testing it came back showing CFC.  It would have been interesting to see some Costello kids though and see how similar they are to Avery.  Anyway, now that we have the info for the next conference we have to get busy preparing for it.  That means it’s fundraiser time for us again.  Going to CA will be a lot more expensive than going to FL and we hope to take Andrew and Allie with us this time.  I want them to see the other kids and know what Avery’s going to be like as he gets older.  We still have bracelets and buttons for sale and we’ll have another big benefit sometime next year (probably April).  If you have any other good fundraiser ideas feel free to pass them along.

I know this blog is for Avery but I have a lot of family that asks about Andrew too so I’m going to include that in this blog.  Andrew was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s and ADHD.  I’m not sure what all this means just  yet but I know we have to make some major changes to his environment both at home and at school.  He got diagnosed just a few days before we left for Iowa so we didn’t have time to meet with all the doctors and discuss a plan.  Next week Andrew goes back to his counselor so we can find out what kind of treatment she can offer him and then he also goes to see his pediatrician to discuss medication.  One thing the counselor stressed to us was getting Andrew out of his current school.  We had nothing but problems with them last year and they basically told us even with a diagnosis of Asperger’s they wouldn’t offer Andrew any services through the district.  With that said our only option is to wash our hands of them and find someone who will help us.  I called another school around our house and they said to come in and talk with the principal on Wednesday about a transfer.  Conroe ISD is really strict with transfers and they have to be approved by the principal at both the new school and the old one.  Wish us luck with that!

Anyway, i hope the storm isn’t affecting to many people.  We’ve had steady rain all day but nothing too bad.  Have a great week everyone!


June 11, 2008

June 11th, 2008

Well we got our bathroom done!  A friend of mine actually read my last blog and e-mailed me.  Turns out her husband owns his own handy man company.  He does almost everything under the sun so if you need some work done call Shane Towery at 936-524-0543.  He does great work!!

Avery’s an official pre-k’er now : )  We had our last meeting with the school last month to make it official.  He’ll start school August 25th and he’ll go from 7:45-10:45 every day.  I can’t wait!  I was dreading this day worried about how my baby would be treated at school.  After meeting a lot of the staff though I’m gaining some confidence in them.  They have a lot planned for Avery and I’m excited to see him blossom.

We’re working on changing his therapy.  Right now I’m driving him 40+ miles round trip just for one hour of occupational therapy.  The place he goes to doesn’t have any openings for physical or speech therapy right now and with gas at almost $4 a gallon I can’t keep driving that far just for one hour of services.  Texas Children’s has a satellite office run out of St. Luke’s at 242 so we went there to see about getting services from them.  Avery had an occupational therapy evaluation last week and a physical therapy evaluation yesterday.  The occupational therapist didn’t mention where Avery is (I think last time he was evaluated he was at the 6-12 mth age level) but as far as physical therapy the lady said Avery’s at the 4-6 mth age level.  I was really sad to hear that.  Even though he can’t crawl or walk I thought he would have been higher….I was hoping so anyway.

Now that Avery’s turning 3 he’s officially graduated from the Early Childhood Intervention program.  We have one more visit with his dietician next week and then he’ll be done.  We weren’t getting any services from them besides the dietician (and that was only once a quarter) so it won’t be a big change.  The ladies at Texas Children’s said they would refer us to a nutritionist there once we started our therapy with them.

We’ve recently changed Avery’s seizure meds.  He would go to sleep at 8 or 9 pm at night and sleep sometimes until 1 or 2 pm the next day.  That’s not counting the 2-3 hr nap he would take between 2 when he woke up and 8 when it was time to go back to bed.  We have been trying to get his neurologist to change his meds assuming that had to be what was causing him to be so tired all the time.  The neurologist wouldn’t do it so we basically went and found someone who would.  The new neurologist we took Avery to agreed that the old seizure meds were quite out dated and there were much better options for Avery.  He said normally you only put kids on the old seizure meds when they are in the hospital and can be monitored closely.  Those meds also cause kids to be a little “slow” and being that Avery already has some mental retardation we don’t need meds that make it even harder for him.  The new meds have been working great though!  Avery’s up later at night (bedtime now isn’t until about 11) and he up earlier in the morning (about 7 am) but he’s not sleeping the whole day away.  He has to go have an EEG next week to check the dosage of his new meds and make sure they’re working properly.

Other than that I’m just looking forward to enjoying the summer with the kids.  Look for some new pictures soon in the photo gallery.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads : )

May 9, 2008

May 9th, 2008

Jeremy and I need to have some work done in our bathroom.  We’re hoping to find someone we know or who is a friend of a friend.  We can’t really chance having someone do crappy work or take our money and do no work at all.  So if you know anyone you could recommend we would love for you to contact us.  We need our tub and tub wall replaced and most likely the sheetrock and some rotted wood replaced too.  Our shower head doesn’t have any water pressure at all so we can’t use it.  We need that replaced along with the tub faucet.  We can buy all of the supplies we just need someone to do the installation and repairs.  If you know anyone who can help please e-mail me at brandy@averysjourney.org

Now on to Avery news.  We saw a new neurologist two weeks ago.  We went trying to get Avery’s seizure meds changed.  We really don’t like the meds he’s been on since birth as they have some side effects that aren’t good for Avery.  Our original neurologist wouldn’t change the meds so we decided to get a second opinion.  The doctor we saw the other day agreed that Avery’s current meds were a little out dated and there were a lot better options for us.  We got the meds changed and so far so good.  The doctor did say he wasn’t sure about the dosage until we could get in to have some testing done.  He put Avery on 1 ml of Keppra for now but said if it’s not enough Avery could have a seizure so we need to watch him very carefully over the next few months for signs of seizure activity.

We now have Avery back in therapy twice a week.  We go to occupational therapy every Wednesday and Thursday.  The place we go doesn’t have any openings right now for physical and speech therapy so we’re on a waiting list.  The neurologist we saw two weeks ago said that Texas Children’s Hospital actually has a satellite therpay center in The Woodlands and wrote us orders to go there for an evaluation.  We’re pretty excited about that!  Everyone knows TCH has the best staff and the drive will be so much closer for me.  We drive from Conroe to Porter right now for therapy.

I’m still going through the process to get Avery registered for school next year.  We have a meeting on the 21st with some staff members at the elementary school.  We’ll see the special ed teacher, some of the therapists, the nurse and a few other people.  They will basically evaluate Avery to see what his needs are and then develop a plan and some goals for what we want Avery to achieve next year.

With the new medicaid Avery got approved for we get home health care.  They will send an aide to the house up to 30 hrs a week to take care of Avery while I clean, run errands, or do whatever I need to do around here.  I’m excited about that but nervous to have a stranger here.  We have a meeting with the aide Friday at noon to come and check the place out, meet Avery, and for us to get to know her.

Well I guess that’s about it for now.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas out there!

April 15, 20008

April 15th, 2008

I received an e-mail today from the president of our CFC support group.  There has been a petition started to ask congress to allow a tax break for the many expenses parents with special needs children are forced to pay.  We pay over $400 a month for family medical coverage through Jeremy’s employer and yet every time we need something for Avery they try to find a way not to pay for it.  I have pasted the petition below along with the link to sign it.  It only takes a few seconds and could make a world of difference.

To: U. S. Congress, U. S. Senate, All State Congressmen, Senators, and Governors

We, the Undersigned, are parents, guardians, friends or family members of special needs children. Every year during tax preparation time, we find that there are no tax breaks for the inordinate amount of money we spend on our children’s needs. Parents of healthy children get tax breaks for college tuition, yet no one is required to attend. The parents of special needs children, who may or may not ever be able to attend college, do not get tax breaks at all.

Parents pay thousands of dollars yearly in educational and therapeutic bills which the school districts and/or insurance do not pick up. NCLB and IDEA may try to force the districts to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education for our children, but the districts are understaffed and underfunded. They find ways around them or try to fool uneducated, unsuspecting parents so that the districts don’t have to spend money. Rural and poorer school districts just don’t have the tax base to support these programs in addition to NCLB’s unfunded mandate.

Even if the districts can afford them, many schools will not use programs or therapies they do not consider educationally “proven”. Yet many of these programs, such as ABA and Fast ForWord, have had much success outside of the educational world. There is a great deal of misinformation about many of these programs. That many of this country’s educators and doctors are uneducated about programs and therapies for educating children with a disorder as epidemic as autism is unconscionable, yet it is reality.

Because of these factors, parents are literally on their own, and spend exorbitant amounts of money on these programs and therapies in order that their children can attempt to live in society one day. Many of these programs are cost-prohibitive and most are not considered to be medical expenses. Having a tax break will also give money back to the parents, which they can then spend in the economy.

We believe there should be both Federal and State tax breaks for parents who pay these extra costs. We are not paying for these programs and therapies because we enjoy it – our children need them, and we are trying to make sure that our children reach their full potential. Not being able to live productive lives only ends up costing all taxpayers more in the long run, especially when our children have to live off the government. The investment now will reap rewards later in many ways.

With this petition, we ask our Senators and Representatives to sponsor a bill allowing parents and guardians of special needs children to deduct their educational and therapeutic costs from their State and Federal income tax returns.


The Undersigned


here is the link to sign the petition


April 04,2008

April 4th, 2008

Hey everyone!  I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged but there really hasn’t been much going on lately.  Avery has seen his dietician since the last blog and I’m happy to report that he’s gained 2 lbs since eating more solids.  Now I know it’s only 2 lbs but that’s huge for Avery.

We’re still in the process of getting him enrolled for school next year.  We have a meeting on the 22nd for the district to have him assessed and determine what kind of goals we want to set for Avery.  I also have to get all of his medical records together and as much info on CFC as I can to give them.  I want to make sure his teachers are as educated on his condition as I am.

We finally get to start therapy again next week.  The therapy place we

go to only has openings for occupational therapy right now though.

We have to wait for an opening to come up before he can get physical and speech therapy too.  We had a slot for physical therapy before but lost it since it took so long to get the medicaid back from Jeremy’s last raise at work.  We also get home health care now and can have a nurse come out and give me a break during the day.  Avery doesn’t require a lot of medical care during the day but after 3 yrs of mommy being by his side he won’t let me leave the room without crying.  That’s definitely going to be a problem for his teacher next year.

We added the photo album to the home page so check it out if you haven’t already.  I’ll try to keep it updated with plenty of pictures of Avery!  I’m trying to get Jeremy to add a feature where you can register your e-mail address and it will automatically notify you when I post a new blog.  That way I don’t have to keep sending the e-mails out myself.

I have a friend who is riding in the upcoming BP MS150.  He’s looking for donations so if you have a little to spare please consider donating.  All donations are tax deductible.  Here’s the link for donations:


For anyone interested my e-mail address has changed.  The new address is brandy@averysjourney.org

Please update your address book : )

Have a great weekend!!

February 15, 2008

February 15th, 2008

We recently changed our site host from Yahoo to Dreamhost and when we did that we lost a lot of stuff.  Unfortunately one of the things we lost was the blog.  As far as we know all parts of the new site are up and running but if you find a hiccup somewhere please let us know.

 As far as Avery goes he’s doing great right now : )  The biggest improvement we’ve seen here in the last month is his eating.  Avery’s up to eating about 2 yogurt cups a day and will even sign to “eat” when he gets hungry!  I haven’t seen any weight gain come from eating solids yet but hopefully we’ll see some soon.  We went to a meeting today with CISD to start the transition process to get Avery enrolled in school.  Since he has a disability he gets to start pre-school at 3 instead of 4.  There’s a special PPCD (Parents of Preschool Children with Disabilities) class and this year there are only 4 kids and 3 teachers so each kid gets a lot of 1 on 1 attention.  As much as I dislike the school he’ll be going to I’m excited for him to start.  He’s capable of so much and I know he’s going to improve greatly when he starts school. 

 The new host allows us to put up a photo album so look for pictures to come soon!  Hope everyone has a great weekend : )